AHA 2017  Conference will be held at Yildiz Tecnical, Davutpasa campus in Istanbul, Turkey. Yildiz Tecnical University is located in the Davutpasa-Esenler region which is in the middle of Istanbul, approximately 5 kilometers away from the historical center of the city. The Campus is well connected with rail system to the center of the city and many important historical places. Also bus system serves as well. The university campus having served as a military base in the Ottoman empire in the 19th century, is itself considered as a historical site. Yildiz Technical University will provide participants a unique atmosphere to relax their mind and body during the conference.

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Transportation to Yildiz Technical University is very simple. The participants arriving at Ataturk Airport are supposed to take Metro (Rail System) which is inside the airport and stop at Davutpasa-Yildiz Teknik Universitesi statiton. Or if you have bags and can not carry them by yourself then take a taxi (about 20-25$ or 15-20 Euros, 30-40 Turkish Lira). Also there is a map below that shows the airport and campus.

Please note that there are two campuses of Yildiz Technical University: 1. Davutpasa 2. Besiktas. The conference will be held at Davutpasa Campus.